Welcome to my page! Here I will be sharing my anime sketches and shikishis I have collected over the years. I have been collecting sketches since I received my 1st sketch in 1996. I value this collection more then most people's lives. I will also eventually put up my limited cel collection.

News & Updates

7/21/2014Sort-of dual update with CutieBunny. Just putting up a lot of various 2013 sketches that we didnt have time to do. I have a couple more which I will get to later.
4/17/2014Dual update time with CutieBunny! I am a couple days late to this update because I am an idiot. This time we have Masaaki Yuasa and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.
1/22/2014Random sketch update. Feels like there hasnt been any updates in too long!
11/26/2013Its time for everyone's favorite tentacle action heroine, Miko Mido from La Blue Girl!

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Art - Anime (63) 7/22/2014
Art - Manga / Novel (41) 7/22/2014
Art - Other (8) 7/21/2014
Art - Video Game / Eroge (27) 7/21/2014
Autographs (7) 9/30/2013
Cels - Funny Cels (5) 8/23/2010
Cels - Hanken (1) 10/2/2010
Cels - Nadesico (3) 8/23/2010
Cels - Pokemon (2) 9/5/2010
Cels - Ruronin Kenshin (1) 8/23/2010

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