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Added 5/27/2010
Updated 10/28/2010
This is a special shikishi CLAMP had custom made for AX 2006 with signatures from every member. Getting these autographs was rough, literally the entire day was for CLAMP. 4 hour line just to go into the panel, 1 hour for the panel, win the raffle and then line up for the autographs. The experience wasn't all that great. All the questions for CLAMP were chosen and screened ahead of time resulting in generic questions like "what inspired you to..." and "who is your favorite character", etc. At the actual signing there was a line on the floor like 2 feet away from the table where CLAMP sat. You had to stay behind the line and make no sudden movements or try to touch the CLAMP members. I felt like a disease ridden criminal. I also had to lean real far forward and stretch my arm to hand them the shikishi since I was so far away. Anyways, its still cool having the autographs though.

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