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Halko Momoi
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Added 10/2/2010
Updated 9/17/2013
I was able to get this nice autograph from Halko Momoi at Fanimecon 2010. I only attended for about a day and a half so I was not able to make it to her concert. I've been wanted to go to one of her concerts since the major screw up at AX2007 where she was mistreated and apparently was not told she was going to be able to hold a concert for her fans. I only found out that a concert was held after the fact. I love her voice and how bubbly and happy she was.

While waiting in line the Fanimecon staff told me stories about how she would randomly disappear. He told me how he was on the phone with the staff in charge of Momoi and the conversation went something like "Where are you guys? You're where? What's she doing at Costco?!"

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