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Ayumi Hamasaki
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Added 12/12/2010
Updated 2/28/2016
I got this from meeting Ayumi Hamasaki outside Record Plant Recording Studios in LA around the end of November 2010. This was when she was recording her album "Love Songs". I guess it was a real tight schedule with the CD coming out in December 22. I think Ayumi really likes that particular record studio because she also previously recorded several albums there. She was extremely friendly signing autographs and letting us take pictures. I also was amazed how good her English was, she pretty much spoke to us and answered all our questions in English. Apparently she records her music barefoot (not too sure how that came up). Anyways I was real happy to meet her, it was like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I also want to add that we were essentially stalking her. Every day that she was in the US, there was a group of people hanging out outside the recording studio to meet her. The surprising part was that Ayumi was cool with it going so far as to let us know on twitter when we should go to the studio. My theory is "it isn't stalking if they tell you where they are and tell you to come!"

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