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Kenichi Sonoda - Minnie May
Source: TV
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Added 9/24/2011
Updated 9/30/2013
This is the first sketch I ever got and its what started me on sketch collecting. I actually wanted a Nene sketch from Bubblegum Crisis, but considering how old the series was at the time, I asked for Minnie May from Gunsmith Cats instead. I got this at AX 1996, which was also the first anime convention I've ever been to. I was attending the hentai doujinshi panel and for some reason Kenichi Sonoda was in the audience. He's a doujin-ka and I guess he was wondering what the american impression of doujin in general was. At one point he raised his hand and to tell us that 90% of doujinshi are not hentai. Outside after the panel was over his translator said he was leaving that night so he was gonna draw sketches for everyone there. Lucky huh?

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