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Azusa Maxima - Yui Takamura
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Added 12/8/2012
Updated 12/13/2012
Azusa Maxima (蒔島梓) was a surprise guest at AX 2012. At the Kouki Yoshimune and Minami Kuribayashi autograph session he had a small table set up on the side where he signed autographs and took sketch commissions whenever he had time. I was real surprised to see him there and even though I read his Muv Luv Alternative manga, it took me a while to figure out who he was. I was used to seeing his name written and pronounced as Azusa Makijima (which sounds quite different to my American ears then Maxima).

Though he didnt work on the Total Eclipse manga, I guess he was doing sketches from Total Eclipse to promote the new TV series coming out. He has done quite a few doujins with Miyata Sou on Total Eclipse though.

The character is Yui Takamura from the Muv Luv side story Total Eclipse. I'm a big fan of the Muv Luv series so I was real happy to get this sketch. I would like to see Muv Luv Alternative animated one day, but its probably very unlikely since they would first have to animate or somehow explain the Extra and Unlimited storylines. I also think there would be too many episodes.

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