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Yuko Yamaguchi - Hello Kitty
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Added 2/5/2013
Updated 2/5/2013
The Sanrio store in the South Coast Plaza held a signing with Yuko Yamaguchi in September 2012. The signing was limited to 40 autographs per day (this event was a 2-day event). I was real lucky to get one of these autographs. It looks like they did not advertise the signing real well. Half of the people in line were people who just happened to walk by and see the sign that day. She apparently does signings all over the world.

Yuko Yamaguchi, sometimes referred to as "Kitty Mama", became the main designer of Hello Kitty back in 1980. At the time, she was not very excited about her new job as Hello Kitty was not popular at the time. Fortunately she stuck with it and now Hello Kitty is one of the most recognizable icons around the world. You can find Hello Kitty on just about everything. I plan to buy some Hello Kitty wine next chance I get~

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