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Katsuyuki Hirano - Vert
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Added 10/14/2016
Updated 10/14/2016
I got this sketch as part of a set of 4 Neptunia sketches being auctioned off at Touhoucon 2015. Me and 3 other friends all pooled our money together and were lucky to win the auction. The auctioned ended up going much higher then I was hoping for and though we won, it was a rough hit to the pocketbook! The character I ended up getting is Vert, who transforms into Green Heart, the CPU of Leanbox (Xbox). Vert is a huge fan of anime, manga and video games.

Katsuyuki Hirano is an Idea Factory artist and is known for being the artist for Record of Agarest War. I'm sure he has worked on Neptunia as well, but I do not know to what degree his contributions were.

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