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Toshio Maeda - Miko and Tentacles
Source: TV
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Added 4/30/2017
This is the first time I had an artist agree to do an explicitly adult sketch. I have asked eroge and other adult artists in the past and they always decline. The conversation I had with Maeda was quite funny when I made this request. It went something like this:

Me: I would like a sketch of Miko with tentacle rape
Maeda: Okay, what rating would you like? Rated R or rated X?
Me: X
Maeda: Okay, are you look for regular X or extreme X?
Me: Extreme
Maeda: (flips through a bunch of prints he has and shows me one) Like this?
Me: Yes
Maeda: (shows me a more explicit print) Like this?
Me: Yes
Maeda: (shows me an even more explicit print) Like this?
Me: Yes, lol
Maeda: Okay, I just wanted to make sure I knew what you were looking for.

While this conversation was going on, a bunch of my friends were laughing at the absurdity of the conversation. I think he didnt want to go too much into detail verbally as there were women around and he was embarrassed. I was happy with how the sketch came out. Not sure who I can show it to though. I leave it in my collection next to normal sketches to try and see if I can get any reactions out of people.

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