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Bosshi - Miko and Tentacles
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Added 4/30/2017
Updated 4/30/2017
Bosshi was one of the artists Fakku brought to AX 2015. I've been a fan of Bosshi's works for some time under his circle name Askray. Specifically his tentacle art as Im a huge tentacle fan.

Toshio Maeda was also there and he mentioned that he may be able to speak to Bosshi on my behalf to see if he would sketch for me. That got me excited, but I generally keep my hopes low to minimize disappointment so I didnt push Maeda on this. Later during the con a friend told me that he saw a sketch for me by Bosshi at Maeda's booth. I thought it couldnt be for me as that was way too fast and I never really talked to Maeda about this other then an offhand mention. Lo and behold this sketch was waiting for me at Maeda's booth!

I never really got a chance to thank Bosshi and I think this is character is Bosshi's version of Miko from La Blue Girl. I also havent seen Maeda since 2015, I hope he comes back some time soon.

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