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Mamoru Yokota - Carmine and Tentacles
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Added 4/30/2017
I commissioned this sketch of Carmine from Mamoru Yokota at PMX 2016. Carmine is the main character from the Magical Kanan series. I believe Yokota did the art for eroge at Terios and is credited as one of the original character designers.

Lately Ive been trying to get ecchi tentacle sketches from the original artists whenever possible. This is relatively difficult as almost every single artist with tentacle work in their resume have declined. Lately I have found some success to my surprise so I will keep trying.

For this sketch I was not sure Yokota was actually going to do it. He originally said that "it would be very difficult" and never actually agreed to do it. So the entire time I thought there was a good chance he would not or really scale back my request. I was very happy when he showed me the completed sketch. I got the feeling he was worried I wouldnt like it and seemed relieved to see that I loved it.

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