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Yamatogawa - Eclair and Meena
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Added 11/18/2019
Yamatogawa was a special guest at Anime Expo 2015 brought by Project H. Project H has held an event at AX called the "Hentai Festival" for a few years now (until the company faded away later). It sounds like a big hentai themed event, but its actually more of a gloried room for selling their hentai manga. It appeared successful since they moved a lot of product by forcing mass purchases for autograph tickets. I personally like that system, but they sure worked their guests hard.

I asked for a sketch of Eclair, but Yamatogawa forgot which character it was and ended up drawing Meena. While I was fine with that, he decided to then draw Eclair on a second bristol board and signed in the middle of both boards by lining the 2 boards together side by side.

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